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Wear a dress, stylish and charming

stylish and charming

Bright yellow has a high saturation, this color is very bright, can set off the skin, especially for fair-skinned girls, can make people’s skin brighter, but under normal circumstances, girls should not wear large areas Bright yellow, because the clothes are too dazzling and messy, many people use a small part of bright yellow to dilute their style and highlight their personality. Like the girl in the picture below, it is really necessary to wear a bright yellow slim skirt. Very courageous, but it also shows the girl’s confidence in her figure. The whole person exudes a sense of calmness and composure. Although the style of this dress is very simple and generous, the girl looks very dignified.

1. Bright yellow V-neck slim dress, simple and generous

The girl’s clothes are bright yellow and very bright, which easily makes her the most dazzling one in the crowd. The V-neck design is elegant and romantic, and the white lace exposed on the shoulders looks dreamy and full. For the girl’s heart, the slit design below is very handsome, with a little sexy inside, just the length of the knee, the length that is most suitable for participating in public occasions, and it has a dignified atmosphere.

2. Red handbag, exquisite atmosphere

If you want a color that really matches bright yellow, it must be a very simple hue, such as white or red, which is more attractive than it. The girl chose the latter, and then she held a red handbag in her hand. Generous and handsome, the elegant temperament of a French woman fits well with the dress on her.

3. Brick red shiny high heels, stylish and elegant

This girl chose brick red shiny high heels to match her bag. Two different reds make people look unique and beautiful, but they are so reasonable and very fashionable. Such high heels can also be matched with an elegant bright yellow skirt.

Dressing skills:

If the skin is very white, you can wear a large area of ​​bright yellow, but if the skin color is not so white, you can use a small area of ​​bright yellow to match.

There are a lot of popular fashion elements this year, such as the sweet court style, sexy cold style, casual cool style, etc. Many fashionistas in the fashion circle have racked their brains to get a different feeling, but for There are so many styles that you can’t get started. In fact, you might as well try a mix and match style to combine two different feelings to see how the effect is. For example, this is how the beauty looks like below!

Puff sleeves and lotus leaf edges are the representative elements of French style. The tube top style long sleeves worn by beautiful women are also designed in this way! The seam of the one-shoulder style is designed with ruffles, and the design of puff sleeves is also made at the long sleeves. It is very in line with the sweetness and solemnity of the French court style, but the design of the tube top overturns this sweetness. With a solemn style, the sexy element is highlighted.

At the same time, gold and white are mixed and matched in the first half, which combines the palace style and the sweet style together, which highlights the body curve and perfectly blends the two styles, giving a different feeling. !

Because the styles of the upper body clothes already have a lot of design sense, there is no need to be too cumbersome to wear the lower body. You can choose this regular style of jeans, otherwise the overall communication will be too confusing, and I don’t know where the highlights are.

The fully self-cultivating trousers design is most suitable for such tall skinny beauties, showing a slender waist just right, and at the same time highlighting the superior long legs, thin and straight, visually making people feel very light. A hundred points thinner!

The style of tube top will inevitably appear to be relatively empty at the collarbone. You can choose a simple necklace as a decoration to balance this contrast. It must be simple and generous, avoid cumbersome and dark colors!

The style of small feet pants is most suitable with high heels. For girls who like comfort, this kind of transparent mid-heel sandals is also very good. The transparent style sets off the complexion and looks light, and the length of the mid-heel is not tired and can improve the temperament!

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