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Reverse thinking: How do we make money from the media? Three tips that ordinary people can operate

How to make money from the media?

The first point: Establish a self-media thinking framework model.

The way people behave determines that before doing anything, you must first establish your own thinking model and framework.

The ancients called it, think twice before acting;

Modern people say that the way of thinking determines the outcome of life.

Is like designing any building. What is the starting point of the first step?

I want to have dinner with my beloved person tonight. What is the first starting point?

I plan to buy a car and a house this year. What is the first step?

Take the construction of a building as an example. The starting point of the first step must not be digging a hole to lay the foundation, nor buying land, bidding, or dredging the relationship. The first step is always just an idea in my mind.

can also be called initiation, original intention, blueprint, vision…

Without this initial idea, all visions have emerged from scratch, and there is no way to talk about it.

However, it is this initial humble assumption that is the starting point of a person’s simplest thinking framework and model, which determines the overall general direction and the final result with high probability!

Write a soft article or article, shoot a short video, what is the ultimate goal you want? It directly determines the result of your work.

Want to earn traffic, want to attract traffic, want to make money…?

This is the original idea of ​​most people.

There is a very nonsense law that states that what most people think is often not necessarily correct.

Take the simplest example: Isn’t Confucius last name Kong? What is the river that distinguishes Hebei Province in Henan Province? Which mountain is the mountain between Shanxi and Shandong? Which lake is the difference between Hunan and Hubei? Which Guangxi is distinguished by Guangdong and Guangxi?

You may not be able to answer correctly without searching the Internet. If you don’t believe me, just ask the colleagues around you to understand.

Since what most people think may not be correct, what should I do?

You have to use reverse thinking to think upside down, engage in network creation, and don’t have to pay attention to the results.

What does mean?

Whether you write an article or make a short video, just don’t pay attention to the traffic, don’t pay attention to whether anyone watched it, whether it was reposted, whether it was collected, how many comments, how many recommendations the platform has, how much money can you make…

Haha, is it a bit sloppy, not paying attention to these, and not making money? I still do a P’s web creation?

is anxious, don’t have to rush to refute, look at your own past results from the media, everything will be clear.

There is a more nonsense law in the world that says: The more you want to get, the less you get! Only when you don’t want it, what you want will automatically come to you.

The so-called: if you intentionally plant flowers without blooming, unintentionally plant willows and willows, things in the world are often so strange.

Take the knowledge and letter traveler writing online articles as an example: just write your own true thoughts, and learn from the Internet if you can’t write, search for materials, and enter knowledge in a carpet.

Many of the articles written are mostly wishful thinking, cluttered text.

It doesn’t matter. It’s not for anyone to see, nor is it what you want to achieve. It’s already very satisfying to be able to consistently produce an article of two to three thousand words every day.

You can pay attention to the past articles of Zhixinxing, and you will see that Zhixinxing rarely interacts with netizens and never blacks out negative comments. After an article is finished, it is like yesterday has passed. Pay less attention.

Just keep writing every day, keep writing, the number of recommendations, the number of readings, the number of reposts, the number of comments, the number of collections, the income of articles…Go to hell.

In just two years, there were nearly 30,000 fans and nearly 3 million readings. No matter what, we also affected millions of people through text.

As an ordinary person with only a junior high school culture and the lowest level of society, what else is unsatisfied?

The first point is so long, because people who know and believe believe that the framework of thinking is the most important, and what you want is often not available.

You can have me without me, and you can have me without me!

In the past, the results were not very satisfactory. You may wish to reverse your thinking and not pay attention to the results. If you operate on the contrary, you will get unexpected surprises.

Don’t try, how can you know?

Many people are struggling to pursue the “Tao”.

Those who know, believe, believe that people’s “thinking” is the “Tao”, don’t you believe it?

You go to find out all the descriptions of Tao, thinking meets all the conditions of “Tao”.

Anything, the problem of “Tao” is solved first, and the problem of “Skills” is much simpler.

Buffett’s golden partner Charlie Munger once said: “For the importance of thinking models, do you want to gain universal wisdom? A few important thinking models can complete 90% of the work.”

The second point: writing articles.

About how to write a good self-media article, how to formulate the title, how to establish the overall outline framework of the article, and how to end the article?

Actually, there are countless cases and textbooks on the Internet, all of which are free. As long as you search carefully, there will be a lot of information for you to filter and learn right away.

Knowledge, Belief, and Walker only use another angle to help you analyze your own feelings and understanding in the past two years.

Two years ago, most online platforms asked you to choose a “vertical field” of your own creative direction at the beginning of your registration.

Otherwise, it will affect the number of platform recommendations for your work.

Many self-media people don’t understand. I’ll write whatever I’m willing to write. Entertainment today, chicken soup tomorrow, current affairs the day after tomorrow, funny the day after tomorrow…

At present, some self-media platforms have cancelled the restriction of “vertical field”. Many self-media people cheered and can finally show off their creative skills.

However, Zhixinxing believes that on the contrary, it is not the requirements of the platform, but that they have to ensure their own “vertical field” in order to go further and further and smoother on the road of self-media.

Zhixinxingzhe studied with a master two years ago and continued to interpret a TV series, through various perspectives, through the perspective of the male and female protagonists, through the perspective of the relationship between the characters, through the perspective of business, through the perspective of time, through the perspective of human nature, through the perspective of thinking… …Various interpretations.

received the first batch of fan attention from the same frequency who recognized their opinions.

After half a year, I felt a little inflated, thinking that everything could be used for my own use, and began to study on a large scale, interpreting various movies, books, social hot spots, celebrity quotes, historical allusions…

The more interpretations, the lower the reading volume, the fewer fans, and the worse the effect, haha.

From the sudden awakening at the end of last year, until now, I have continued to interpret reverse thinking cases and insights.

has regained the original feeling, and the number of fans and income have grown through breakthroughs.

Regardless of what you create through self-media on the Internet, you have to grow crops like uncle farmers, plant spring and autumn harvests, and continue to cultivate a certain precision field.

Let alone the precise fans attracted by the value of your articles, you should know that every time you create a work, the Internet has memories and will leave your traces.

When you continue to work on a certain field and publish your work on a certain topic, it will form a continuous superimposed effect on the Internet.

When the keywords in your work form a certain order of magnitude on the Internet, as long as someone opens the search engine and searches for this keyword, your work will bounce out with a high probability.

Of course, except for those who spend money to buy traffic. After all, people spend money. Here we only discuss zero-input self-media traffic.

You must know that modern people are eager for quick success and instant benefits, and most of them are very impetuous. They rarely have the patience to search for information through any search engine. It is already very impatient to be able to flip through the first three pages.

If you don’t want to spend money to buy traffic, then you want your ID to appear on the first few pages of search engines.

only rely on a large number of their own vertical field works to increase your ID weight.

The point of writing an article is not what you write, but what you continue to write.

Isn’t someone going to be a big V and hundreds of thousands of fans in a short period of time by continuing to work in a certain field?

Some of them continue to provoke regional black disputes, some continue to publish mindless works, some continue to create a precise personality, and some build themselves into experts in a certain field…

Whatever you write?

can be used to cope with the change, and it can also be used to cope with the change.

You can use countless examples to verify your point of view, or you can expand one point of view to lead to countless examples.

When your work reaches an order of magnitude and you get enough network ID weight, you will reach an “inflection point” inexplicably.

Before the turning point, maybe there is nothing, after the turning point, it’s like the Big Bang.

The third point: drainage.

Regardless of whether you are self-media or what you do, a purpose without a purpose is a purpose.

For example: writing articles is not for traffic, but in the final analysis is to make money, and you do not write articles for making money to have a chance to make money.

Isn’t it awkward and awkward?

It doesn’t matter, the ever-changing “change” in this world is the theme that will never change.

The matter of writing articles from the media itself is not profitable, nor can it be said that it is not profitable, but it is not profitable and unstable. Making money from traffic can only be regarded as pocket money.

Zhixin Xingzhe has been engaged in the media for two years and operates less than ten online platforms at the same time. After an article is revised and published on multiple platforms, the total income from article traffic for two years is only a few thousand yuan.

However, using my part-time time in two years to accurately drain the total income through online self-media articles, it has already far exceeded my main job income.

What does  mean?

No matter how good or bad your article is, or how beautiful and fascinating the short video is, there is a huge problem that you can’t solve by yourself. This is the gulf that is difficult to solve and overcome as an ordinary individual.

That is, you still can’t master the rhythm and take the initiative in the development of the situation. It is difficult to make a big breakthrough by monetizing public domain traffic.

There are several common channels that usually engage in self-media change.

1. It is simply monetization by traffic. Whether it is an article or a short video, a traffic platform will give you a portion of the traffic commission. Many short-video internet celebrities are in this mode;

2. The amount of reading, the number of fans reaches a certain level, and some platforms will automatically give you some permissions, such as mounting platform advertisements;

3. If you meet certain platform standards, you can choose to recommend products on the platform, or choose the right to recommend your own products;

4. You can set up your own paid fan circle, what is 9.9 yuan, 19.9 yuan, 99 yuan, etc., only when you enter your circle can you see paid high-value content, and some are rewarding functions;

5. Organize some of my core high-value content into “e-books” and sell them at their own prices…

Regardless of how the format changes, the various benefits from the media are roughly the same.

There is also a form of monetization that is the least common and is rarely operated by people, because it is slow to take effect and many people are too lazy to do it.

is to accurately attract fans through the self-media, to their own private domain traffic.

Of course, this is also the key target of major platforms. After all, no one wants to be dug into the wall and cause their own platform traffic to be lost.

Everything is relative, while there are advantages and disadvantages.

Although the steps are cumbersome, they are subject to regulatory crackdowns, and the realization is slow, why are there such a small group of people tirelessly willing to engage in drainage?

must be due to the huge interests behind it.

The core source of the problem lies in the fact that there are many unknown and low-key Internet masters who often jump out of public thinking and forcibly open up a new way of realizing and making money in the thorny network.

They often skip the “how to”? What do you ignore, “why do it”? Level.

These masters are more thinking about [do this or do that] and [why do this and not do that]?

First think from a more correct perspective, and then consider “how to do it”?

Why do it is more important than how to do it!

Asking the right problem is often equal to solving most of the problem. -Heisenberg

The prerequisite for success in anything is that you can master the overall rhythm of the development of the situation and form a complete and effective closed loop in the mode you dominate.

And in any public domain traffic pool, no ordinary person will ever be able to do this.

Those who know more about it will not be able to explain it clearly, otherwise, you will not see this article again.

In the Internet age, how to make money through self-media, basically these are the few points.

Of course, this is just a little bit of experience and experience in the past two years of the knowledge and belief practitioners themselves. It can only be generalized and does not represent anyone.

In fact, there are more areas and paths to make money that those who know, believe, and do not know.

In short, whether you make money online or offline, you must first solve the problem of your own thinking, that is, the problem of “Tao”.

“Tao” is the general direction, and if the general direction is right, there will be fewer detours, and other specific details of “technical” problems are relatively simple and easy to solve.

There is a way but no technique is still available, there is no way but no technique!

In the final analysis, whether it is from the media or the traffic to your own private domain?

There is only one essence of any commercial behavior, and that is [value exchange]!

No matter where you are, you must provide your own value first, and help others solve problems through your own value is the core essence of making money.

Su Shimin, co-founder, global chairman and CEO of Blackstone Group, said:
“People in trouble often only care about their own problems, but the way to solve problems usually lies in how you solve other people’s problems.”

Whether it is through the Internet from the media, or what business in reality? The above passage is the only magic weapon for ordinary people to make money.

How many people can you help solve the problem of how much money, how much money you can make!


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