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Want to extend the life of your Mac? You must get these six maintenance tips!

Mac, as our partner in work and life, does not need to be more important. But in the process of using, we will always cause various problems with Mac due to improper operation.

If you want it to be with you for a long time, the usual maintenance and maintenance are naturally indispensable. The two important points of Mac maintenance are hardware maintenance and computer system maintenance. Hardware maintenance mainly includes batteries, fan ports, and motherboards. The software is to clean the computer in time. Rubbish. Today, we share with you how to maintain and maintain the various parts of Mac~

1.Battery maintenance.

The battery life of the Mac has always been a concern for everyone, so how can we better manage the Mac battery? Now we will answer it for you~

(1) Lower the screen brightness appropriately. Because the screen is a big power user of the Mac, lowering the brightness can save power and make it last longer.

(2) Energy-saving settings. If it is a Mac desktop computer, click “Energy Saving” in the “System Preferences”; if it is a Mac laptop, click “Battery” in the “System Preferences”. In the energy saving setting window, set the time to turn off the screen, whether to turn off the hard disk, and automatically dim the screen when using the battery. Through the energy-saving settings of the Mac system, the system can automatically save a lot of energy.

(3) Avoid frequent high or low battery, and keep in good condition at all times. If the ambient temperature is high when using the Mac, it is recommended not to charge the Mac again.

(4) Charge and discharge regularly. The Mac has a built-in lithium-ion polymer battery, and we need to keep its internal battery fluid to extend the battery’s service life. If you are using your Mac with the battery plugged in, it is recommended to charge and discharge your MacBook at least once a month.

(5) Turn off the equipment. There will be many devices on the Mac, such as optical drives, wireless, Bluetooth, etc. When we are using the battery, remember to turn off the equipment that is not needed. Earlier Macs equipped with optical drives, when using batteries, it is recommended to remove the optical disc in the optical drive.

(6) Keep the system as the current latest system. Apple will upgrade the Mac system every once in a while to optimize and update the power management.

2.Screen maintenance.

What everyone cares about most about maintenance is the screen, because the screen is the part we have to stare at all day long. If there is a problem with it, we will not be able to make good use of the Mac. The maintenance of the screen needs to do the following:

(1) Open and close the screen gently, and do not touch the screen with sharp objects to avoid scratches;

(2) When not using the computer for a long time, try to turn off the screen to reduce unnecessary life span.

(3) Remember to clean up the dust and finger oil on the screen regularly. The cleaning methods are as follows:

First use a soft brush to clean the dust on the surface of the screen in the same direction, and then spray a small amount of special screen cleaner or water on the dry screen cleaning cloth. This step must be careful: never use solvents such as alcohol or The cleaner is sprayed directly onto the screen to prevent the cleaner from leaking into the screen frame. Finally, wipe the screen in the same direction, you can clean it from left to right and top to bottom.

3.Keyboard cleanup.

In daily use, if the keyboard is sticky and collects dust, not only the look and feel is bad, but also if foreign matter enters the inside of the fuselage, it may cause circuit damage, so regular cleaning is necessary.

The cleaning steps are as follows:

(1) Use a soft brush to clean the crevices of the keyboard, in the same direction, from left to right, from top to bottom, to sweep out the dust in the crevices of the keyboard;

(2) If it can’t be cleaned up with a brush, you can use an air blow ball to blow away the stubborn dust;

(3) Use a cleaning cloth or cotton swab with a small amount of special detergent (not alcohol!), wipe the stained keycaps, such as WASD, pay attention to avoid wiping back and forth as a whole to prevent damage to the keyboard and abrasion of the coating.

4.Touchpad maintenance.

As a precision sensing component, the touch panel needs us to maintain it. Everyone must pay attention to these points:

(1) When using the touchpad, be sure to keep your hands clean and dry. If you accidentally soil the surface of the touchpad, you can use a soft cleaning cloth to moisten a small amount of special cleaner and wipe gently. Avoid using a rough cloth to avoid scratching. Hurt the surface.

(2) The touchpad is a precision sensing component. Do not use sharp objects, such as a signature pen, to swipe on the surface of the touchpad, and do not press the touchpad heavily to avoid damage.

5.Prevent dust from entering.

Because the Mac’s air inlet and heat sink are very small in scale, the air duct is easy to accumulate dust. If the dust is not cleaned regularly, the air duct will be obviously not smooth in two years, and the heat dissipation capacity will decrease and the temperature will be reduced.

The solution is actually quite simple:

(1) Prevent the computer from working all the time without shutting down or sleeping for a long time.

(2) It is best to place the Mac on a clean and dust-free surface. Choose a clean and flat surface to prevent scratches and dust absorption.

6.System maintenance.

In the process of using the old Mac, you often encounter two major problems: it always prompts that there is not enough space, and the running speed is getting slower and slower.

Because Mac also generates some cache garbage, it needs to be cleaned up every time it is used for a long period of time. Good cleaning habits can not only save space, improve system performance, and improve your efficiency at work; it can also extend the life of your Mac.

So how to clean up the garbage? Manually cleaning up junk files often takes a lot of time and effort, especially some large-scale obsolete files, which are stored in our system for a long time, and often do not think of cleaning them up in time. Organizing system files one by one is actually a particularly troublesome thing, and it lacks a certain degree of efficiency, and manual operations are easy to delete files by mistake. So is there a faster way to clean up Mac memory?

(“Large File” under Mac system)

Yes, using CleanMyMac X, a professional Apple computer cleaning software, can solve this problem well. For different system junk and system files, CleanMyMac X can clean up in different categories, including freeing up memory, one-click intelligent scanning of junk and cached files, cleaning up disk space, uninstalling rogue software, etc., to help Mac run more smoothly. Effectively help users protect their Mac.

So how to use CleanMyMac X version to optimize Mac and prolong the service life of Mac?

(1) First, download and install it on the CleanMyMac website. If you want a full-featured version of the experience, remember to download it for free from the official website:

After entering the main interface of CleanMyMac X, check the function bar on the left, you can clean up different system junk and system files according to actual needs. There are dozens of operation buttons on the function bar. For cleaning up system garbage, optimizing computer performance, managing applications, etc., you can easily use CleanMyMac, an Apple computer cleaning software.

(CleanMyMac X function bar)

(2) After cleaning up the Mac’s junk files, if you want to further free up disk space, then you can further clean up the large files and old files on the Mac. Click “Large and Old Files” to find and remove large files and folders. Click the “Scan” button, CleanMyMac X can quickly filter all files in the hard drive, and will display large files occupying more memory by type, size, and date.

(Click on “Large and Old Files”)

(3) Select the large file to be removed, and click “Remove”. If you cannot find a large file according to the options provided by CleanMyMac X, the user can also search for it further through the search box.

(Click “Remove”)

(4) Wait patiently for 2-3 seconds, CleanMyMac X can quickly clean up. To release system memory quickly, we only need to stare at those large files.


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