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Dubai four-day tour


Four days is not a big time to explore Dubai and its world record-breaking attractions.But, if your time is tight, here shows you how to visit the essence of Dubai within 96 hours.We assume you will stay four nights in Dubai and check out on day 5.We also assume that you have at least half a day to start the day you reach Dubai on your wonderful trip to Dubai.Let’s go!First thing: Accommodation Once you get here, deciding where to stay is the key to planning your event after landing.Deciding where to live depends on your budget and whether you intend to drive or use public transport.This will also be based on the content on the list of places you want to visit.If you are looking for a cheap but comfortable accommodation in Dubai, you will have lots of options in Dubai.If you choose a well-rated three-star hotel, expect them to cost about 250 to 300 dirams per night (excluding tax).If you want to revel in the luxury known for the Dubai hotel industry, you can find accommodation from 1000 dirams all the way to 5000 dirams or more depending on location and amenities.Second thing: Public transportation or automobile The second thing to plan in advance is whether you rely on public transportation or rent a car during your trip.If you are not adapted to left-hand driving, public transportation is your best choice.You can use Dubai subways, buses and taxis for easy travel.To facilitate planning your trip, we assume you only your hotel only after hours after arrival in Dubai where most hotels are around 2 pm.Don’t forget to ask how early you can check in when booking.In this travel guide we also assume you live in one of many luxury hotels on the shiny crown of Dubai infrastructure-Shaikh-Zayed roadside and close to the Dubai Metro.We checked out some well rated 4 star and five star hotels located on Sheikh-Zayed Road within walking distance from the subway station that meet the mid-range budget.Of these hotels you pay an average of 500 to 650 dirams per night, including daily breakfast.Fast Lunch To save time and save strength later we recommend a quick lunch at the hotel.You can even order using one of the many online platforms in Dubai when preparing or rest after flight.If you order through this platform, you may need to go to the hall or other designated area to receive food.Put in your comfortable shoes and clothes before going out.Don’t forget your camera and phone because there will be a lot of & quot;Instagrammable " moments.Also bring a small bottle of water.On the first day, because we will visit Dubai, try to carry some change for shopping.

Dubai four-day tour

Day 1: Dubai Ancient City of Dubai Framework

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After a quick break and to refuel, the first place to go is one of Dubai’s newer landmarks-the Dubai Framework.If you stay in a hotel on Sheikh-Zayed Road, it is more convenient to take a ride to the attraction.The Dubai Framework is a must-go place for anyone interested in understanding the past, is and a future.The landmark consists of two 150-meter-high transparent towers.They are connected by a 93-m-long bridge.On one side, the tower and bridge erected the Sheikh-Zayed Road building, indicating & quot; Modern Dubai & quot;, while the other side includes views of Dera, Umhurelle and Kalama, symbolizing & quot; Old Dubai & quot;.For anyone who is interested to understand the past, present and future of the city, the Dubai Framework is a tourist destination not to be missed.The main highlight is the aerial platform, with an uninterrupted view of the old and new scenes throughout the city.Go to Dubai From Dubai Framework we can go to Dubai’s oldest residential area Al Bastakiya, which is part of the so called Dubai Old Town.The nearest subway station to Dubai Framework-Max Station, requires a walk so we recommend a taxi.Once you arrive at Max station, in only a 5 minute drive, you will have to train to Burjuman station (the second station from Max).At Burjuman, you will have to board the Green Line- -towards the Etisalat subway station.After boarding the train, get off at Al Ghubaiba station.Our next attraction is not far away.The Sheikh-Said-Alemarkum House A good start in this day specifically exploring the old town of Dubai is to visit the palace in which many of Dubai’s rulers families grew up.The late Dubai ruler Sheikh-Rashid-Ben-Said-Al Maktum took the first step towards restoring the building, which was originally built in 1896 by his grandfather Sheikh-Makatum-Ben-Hasher.In 1958, the ruling family moved to the Zabeel Palace.In the 1980s the palace in Shindagha was restored and in 1996 it was converted into a museum displaying old documents, stamps and coins, etc, and open to the public.The palace is access to Dubai’s past, located along the river.

Heritage Village is within walking distance, an important part of the Al Shindagha Historic District of Dubai.Strolling through the Heritage Village is a beautiful experience in itself, quite different from Dubai’s most famous shiny skyline.Tea and dim sum at Arab Teahouse If you want to explore this historic area once called Al Bastakiya, be sure to drink tea and eat at Arab Teahouse and experience authentic UAE cuisine.The antique cafe opened in 1997, echoing the region’s focus on the UAE history and national culture, remains an oasis of peace and peace, bringing visitors back to the city’s past and explore its cultural heritage.It has a menu of Emirates and other Middle East dishes, along with a wide variety of tea and coffee to try.Through a textile open market after refreshing, take a leisurely walk towards Bur Dubai Abra station.On the way, you will walk through the textile market.The alleys were filled with small textile shops, with fabrics of all range and prices, encouraging bargaining.Be careful of the sellers trying to coax you into buying.If you don’t buy it, go on firmly.A 10-minute walk will take you through the narrow market alleys, very close to the Shiva Temple in Dubai Bay.Boer Dubai Abra Station needs just a diram and you can ride on Abbra and cross the creek to Deila, where there are spices and gold open markets waiting for you.You can even rent an entire abbra for your party.Ara are frequent so enjoy a scenic ride without waiting and get off at the Deila thrift market station.The Gold Fair is in the Golden City……Dubai has promised and made good on it.Walking around the Dubai famous Gold Fair where you will be attracted by the vast precious metals designed and displayed.Many gold buyers come here to buy the best quality gold at competitive prices.The seller’s gold price is fixed daily by the Dubai Gold and Jewelry Group based on market conditions.You will be able to find 18 beautiful jewelry designs for K, 21K and 22K.Where you might get a discount is the & quot; production fee & quot; -This is usually the percentage charged at the fixed price of gold based on the complexity of the design.If you are looking for gold jewelry, there is no better place to go.Spice Fair When you enter the open spice air market in Dubai, color and beautiful smells are waiting for you.Each store claims to be the best and most authentic, so please browse these items slowly.This is a great place to buy gifts for home friends-from world quality saffron, nuts and date palms, tea, herbs and more.A little further on the perfume market, you will see a treasure house of perfume, essential oils and traditional Ude.To bring home for a beautiful souvenir, ask a seasoned bartender to make a perfume for you.You can let them know your preferences and they will be tailored for you.Our top tip for visiting all of these open-air markets is to visit at least 4 to 5 stores before purchasing.Not only does this inform you about the available items, but it also gives you a price benchmark.For textiles, spices and perfumes, definitely bargain.

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After so many paths, our next suggestion is to take a cruise dinner for a traditional boat known as a sloop.The sloop cruise dinner along the Dubai River is a great night event, most including an international gourmet buffet with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.Some sloop also have recreational activities.Usually two hours this gives you plenty of time to enjoy the food and enjoy the lights and colors of Old Town Dubai nights.Advance booking is required and make sure you check the various suppliers.While some may offer as low as 30 dirams per person, they may not have the facilities you want.It can rise to 115 dirams per person.Some cruise operators also offer hotel transfers.Once you are done, you can use the Al Ghubaiba metro station if you get off on the Boer Dubai side of the Dubai River.If you’re on the Dla (Deira) side, Al Ras Station is the way you go home.If you are not ready to go home, go to one of the many roofs and terraces in Dubai.If you are looking for something in Deira, the Dubai River Golf & Yacht Club Cielo or QDs is a great choice for an outdoor experience.Level 43 Sky Lounge near Sheikh-Zayed Road (Sheikh Zayed Road) has just reopened, or the ultra luxury club (Cavalli Club) in Dubai (Fairmont Dubai) which features huge chandeliers inlaid with thousands of Swarovski crystals.Or you can go to the iconic Arabian Tower (Burj Al Arab) for a great night at the aerial View bar.If you can’t wait to go to the world’s tallest building, check out the Atmosphere inside Halifa.Other options include the white Dubai and Soho Garden next to the Maidan racecourse grandstand, and the Halifa Armani/Prive–list is endless.In conclusion, if you want to enjoy the nightlife here, you have plenty of options around Dubai to try, and you are sure to find something for your budget.Please make sure you call the venue and confirm the price, booking and time.

Day 2: Dubai Expo 2020

We have left you a whole day to explore the best and largest products of Dubai-Dubai Expo 2020.The World’s Greatest Show & quot; opens on October 1, which will be your best chance to explore 191 countries in a place.You can purchase tickets online on the Expo website or through authorized sellers across the UAE.You may also qualify for free admission, so be sure to confirm before buying a ticket.The best way to get to the Expo is to use public transport, with dedicated subway stations and free RTA buses.We know that it is difficult to decide where to go up at Dubai Expo 2020, so we have a full section that you can check out to plan your itinerary.Ticket offers, pavilion details, show listings, stars at Dubai Expo 2020 and more-you can find all & quot; Expo & quot; information in this category.From the huge wings of the Falcon Inspired Pavilion in the UAE, and the futuristic VR experience, to the daily live performances, your day at Dubai Expo 2020 will be stunning.

In terms of delicious sustenance, you can break your fast with authentic UAE food at Arab teahouse restaurants and cafes, the first UAE restaurant founded in 1997.Yes, the branch of that one you may have tried on the first day.For lunch, try three futuristic dishes, especially the 2321 meal.As for dinner, you can dine at once with the celebrity attractions, at Rising Flavours Food Hall.The three-story ground floor dining hall is a regularly rotating lineup of food cabins with chefs and restaurants displaying the variety of cuisine in each GCC, including concepts from the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia.If you don’t want to spend money on such a gourmet trip, why not try Domino-the official pizza supplier for Expo 2020.You can also try one of the many restaurants and cafes at Dubai Expo 2020.Too tired to walk to the restaurant you like?Talabat is the official food distributor for the Dubai Expo 2020.In addition to in-room food, talabat riders will use safe, sustainable electric vehicles to deliver food to fixed sites throughout the Expo site.Since you have only had one day there, here are 20 shows for Dubai Expo you 2020 that you absolutely can’t miss.If you travel with your kids, you can try these family-friendly activities at the Expo.If you have a day at Expo 2020 and you have the energy to go out, you can go to the first night club and restaurants we mentioned.

Day 3: Start from the desert hunting.
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On the third day in Dubai, let’s start with what every tourist will do-camel riding desert expeditions.It is a great family event, with a shuttle service, and a picnic breakfast.Depending on what is provided, you can expect to pay 75 to 250 dirams per person.If you want to change your flavors, you can also try the evening safari park, many of which include belly dancing, dinner and other entertainment.After the Landscape and Atlantis Wildlife Park, take a quick break to each Dubai poster attraction-Palm Dubai.Visitors to 2021 have been lucky because they can see the beauty of the artificial island from high places on the newly open viewing deck.At 100 dirams per adult it is a must do to truly appreciate the architecture of Dubai Palm Island.After enjoying this incredible view, head to Palm Island where you see the welcome Atlantis framework.You can ask your taxi driver to drive to see the luxury hotels and residences in the area.You can also park your car and go to the wide pedestrian street to enjoy the beautiful scenery.Upon completion, go to the Atlantis Hotel.To enjoy the hotel’s facilities in an affordable way, try the afternoon tea there for 150 dirams per person.You can also visit the aquarium there, called & quot; Lost Room & quot;, tickets for 110 dirams per person.Single-trams are also available there.Palm Fountain, Cape Tower When you visit Attraction in and around Atlantis, will be the best time to perform at the world’s largest water feature fountain-or on the island of Palm.The Palm Island Fountain was inaugurated in 2020, breaking the world’s record for the largest fountain with 7,327 square meters, moving the Dubai Mall fountain to second place.The first show began at 7 pm for 3 minutes.A performance was performed every 30 minutes until 11:30 p. m.Admission is free, where there are several restaurants and shops to visit.Blue Water Island is now a great time to travel to the city, perfect for night walks, where in less than a month the largest viewing wheel, the world’s largest Iin-Dubai, will be born.Blue Water Island is a new location offering visitors some entertainment, shopping and catering services.It is also a great place to walk at night on the decished footbridge to Juumera Beach Road (Jumeirah Beach Road).Iin Dubai opens on October 21 and will also feature sunset wine, air dining and exclusive celebration packages.

Day 4: You can start the day with one or more adrenaline-filled activities.If you like diving, the world’s deepest diving swimming pool must be on your list.The site open this year offers scuba diving and free diving, as well as exploring the snorkeling experience.
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Dubai Deep Diving Pool features a sunken city where divers of all levels can participate and explore, an abandoned street view with a fully furnished apartment, garage and mall and other surprises.All courses and experiences are provided by a carefully selected team of international diving professionals and supported by the latest equipment, technology and facilities, including state-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen pods in the area.The cost of the experience is about 400 dirams per person, depending on what you book.Option 2: XLine Try the world’s longest urban slide cable at Dubai Wharf.At 650 dirams, adults is an exciting way to appreciate the city skyline, not to mention a good picture of the commemorative trip.You have to book in advance and don’t forget to check out their terms and conditions.
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Arrive early at the XLine booth at Dubai Pier Mall and start filming!Their professional camera team will send you videos and photos.You will not be allowed to play with your cell phone or camera.Choice 3: Dubai skydiving. What celebrities and tourists like to experience in Dubai is Dubai skydiving.Double skydiving with video and photos over the desert cost 1799 diram per person, and 2299 diram over the iconic island of Palm.However, this adrenaline stimulation and memory is fully worthwhile.You can also take the sky diving lessons here.Again, please book in advance.Go to Al Seyahi St. at Dubai WharfConduct this experience.Once you choose and complete your chosen adrenaline-filled activity, go to the UAE Mall.If you don’t like any of the above options, you can go to the UAE Mall first.Dubai Ski, UAE Mall Play Snow in the Desert?Yes.Enjoy some family fun at the Dubai Ski Resort in the UAE Mall.You can also see penguins and attend fun events like snow bombs, balls, snow park rides and more.Dubai Ski Resort allows visitors under 3, so this may be a great family event.Don’t forget to explore and shop at world famous brand stores throughout the UAE Mall.There are dedicated subway stations that is an attraction you can easily reach.Dubai Mall, Halifa Finally, we set aside a full half day for Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain and Halifa because believe us you will need time when exploring the largest shopping mall in the world.Don’t hesitate to ask the security guard or staff at the information center, as it could be a “lost trip” for first-time visitors.Once you arrive, go to the entrance to the mall and to the At the Top viewing deck (124,125 floors).It is better to book your tickets in advance.A mere payment of 149 dirrams leads to the 124 and 125 floors of the world’s tallest buildings.If you want a luxury, there is another afternoon tea offer.Going to the 148 floor At the Top-Burj Khalifa Sky, in non-prime time (7 pm to 10 pm) you need to pay 379 diram and in prime time (noon to 6 pm) you pay 533 diram.Swimming with sharks, underwater zoo diving enthusiasts can experience the pleasure of scuba diving at the spectacular Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.After a quick theory lesson, dive coaches tell guests about basic safety guidelines and skills in the cage and then risk diving in a 10 million liter aquarium.For those who choose a non-traditional experience, the shark diving experience allows visitors to share waters with sand tiger sharks, reef sharks, leopard print sharks, tan nurse sharks, giant grouper and stingray, and a large number of other marine species to begin a diving trip in 10 million litre tanks!In addition, the shark walking experience allows visitors to make close contact with the world’s ultimate predator while wearing oxygen helmets to witness the beauty and magnificence of the shark.The costs are as follows.Shark diving per person-632 diram, Shark meets-504 diram per person, exploring scuba diving-968 diram per person.Llens of Dubai Fountain and Khalifa opened before the Palm Island Fountain, the largest fountain in the world.Even in second place, it is a landscape in the background of the glittering Khalifa Tower.The show starts at 6 p. m. and runs every 30 minutes.It is completely free to visit.Dinner and walks in one of the many famous restaurants in the area, or enjoy dinner in the mall.Don’t forget to end your day with a stroll around downtown Dubai.So!The four-day trip in Dubai is over-on the last day before your departure, or if you have more time you can visit some other attractions we haven’t mentioned here like Dubai Wildlife Park, Dubai Park & Resort, Souk Madinat, IMG Adventure World and more.

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